Specialty agricultural products

Undercarriage components

  • Over 100 years of rubber compounding experience that includes rubber-bonded products
  • Patented designs
  • Products Include:
    • Hay rollers that promote faster-drying hay
    • OE produced drive, idler and roller wheels
    • Vibration and shock-impact reducing mounts and bumpers

Features & benefits

  • Inspired by more than a century of rubber compounding experience.
  • OE quality proven to perform in the aftermarket.
  • The outer plies have a nylon length yarn and a polyester cross yarn to provide for exceptional flex life going around the rollers, but it maintains stiffness across the belt to prevent roll over.

Specialty Agricultural Products

Baler, Draper, Mower Conditioner Rollers

  • Our tough baler belts are the most puncture- and tear-resistant in the industry.
  • Award-winning, truly endless draper belts keep you from downtime by staying on track.
  • Mower conditioner rollers, using the proprietary ContiBond™ process, are gentler on crops and keep leaves where they belong.