Vibration absorbers/Dampers

For the sake of better acoustics and enhanced riding comfort, ContiTech Vibration Control develops effective absorber systems aimed at eliminating annoying vibration and noise in vehicles. A tailored solution can be realized by having a relatively small mass vibrate in antiphase to the annoying excitation.

Technical specifications

  • Classic tuned absorber designs using simple rubber and mass construction
  • Integrated fluid system offers optimum possibilities for adjusting the component
  • Absorbers for use in light commercial vehicles to effectively reduce flexural vibrations of leaf springs

ContiTech offers customized solutions

  • Together with the customers, we come up with individual solutions where to place the absorption.
  • Taking into account the installation space available, we develop absorbers that eliminate the vibration problem, thereby putting the final touches on our customer own product.

    Product range

    • Passive absorbers/dampers
      Passive absorbers/dampers

      For linear and rotatory vibrations.

    • Active absorber/damper systems
      Active absorber/damper systems

      With electromechanical energy converters - the actuators - and intelligent regulation, vibrations can be effectively damped in a wide frequency range.