Air spring systems for driver's seats

ContiTech improves the driver’s workspace for all commercial vehicles – our air spring systems will greatly minimize and prevent fatigue through maintaining optimal comfort levels for the driver.
ContiTech’s aim is the same in every situation: to engineer and design the driver’s work place resulting in the most ergonomic and comfortable solution specific to our customers, their industries and areas of unique application.

Technical specifications

  • Air spring diameter under working pressure: 80 – 130 mm
  • Working pressure: 1 – 12 bar
  • Over 150 cylindrical and conical air spring types
  • Spring force: 1,5 – 6,5 kN
  • Design height: 73 – 125 mm
  • Stroke: 25 – 80 mm

Benefits & features

  • ContiTech air springs turn a driver seat into an ergonomically designed, comfortable workplace
  • The seat height is individually adjustable. Once adjusted, the seat remains in it‘s position independent from the driver‘s weight
  • The incidence of fatigue is reduced and health risks for the driver alleviated
  • The air springs are relatively small and fit into every individual seat design independent of the vehicle application such as bus, truck, agricultural vehicle or industrial vehicle

New standard air springs for driver seats

With our new Seat Air Spring family SZ 85-109 for driver seat applications with numerous push-to-connect air inlet options and easy installation features, such as bayonet top mount and self-tapered screw usage, we are setting a new standard for all driver seat applications.


Benefits & features

  • Easy to mount
  • Freely available to all seat manufacturers
  • Individual air inlet options
  • Most ergonomic and comfortable solution
  • Reduction and/or prevention of driver’s fatigue

Sleeve air springs for seat suspension