Collapsible fuel tanks

Collapsible fuel tanks

ContiTech Elastomer Coatings produces collapsible fuel tanks for use in aircraft, helicopters, boats and vehicles. The tanks are high-tech products manufactured by hand. Material designs developed to meet specific customer requirements are used in combination with corresponding connecting components and tank inserts.

Special manufacturing processes allow for the manufacture of complex fuel tanks of the most diverse kinds.

Features & benefits

  • Security due to the materials employed (tensile members etc.) and the appropriate manufacturing process
  • Even the seemingly most awkward spaces and small mounting holes can be made use of for fuel storage
  • Thermal stability -50°C to +90°C
  • Long life and resistance to the most varied fuels and other media
  • Special material filling helps preclude the negative effects that may result from fuel sloshing around in the tank and offer extra protection from explosions


  • Lightweight fuel tanks (wall thickness 0.7 mm) for aircrafts
  • Crash-resistant fuel tanks for helicopters
  • Lightweight, sturdy fuel tanks for special-purpose vehicles and boats
  • FIA-approved fuel tanks for racing
  • Self-sealing outer material and fuel tanks for armored cars

Safety concept for standard commercial vehicle fuel tanks

It involves lining standard commercial vehicle fuel tanks with an elastomer composite material that provides for a much higher degree of safety and is intended to prevent grave collateral damage in the event of an accident.

The 1.2-mm thin nitrile-coated aramid fabric has already proven itself in motor sports and is now to be used as a secondary protective shell on tanks.

Fuel lining

The material is ultra puncture- and tear-resistant to prevent the very serious risk of a catastrophic loss of fuel in the event of a crash.

At present this concept is being tested in a wide-ranging development study.