• Charge air hose lines

  • Charge air hose lines

    Wrapped charged air hoses

  • Charge air hose lines

    Charged air line system

  • Charge air hose lines

    Moulded charged air hose

Air management around the turbocharger

Charge air hoses and lines have to withstand ever higher pressures and temperatures. For commercial and industrial vehicles we offer corresponding charge air hose lines to counterbalance the relative movements of the supercharged powertrain‘s various units.

Technical specifications

  • Straight and curved hoses made of elastomers
  • Connecting sleeves in all the most frequently requested diameters
  • Ready-to-install lines comprising hoses, pipes, and resonators

Benefits & features

  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Integrated oil barrier layer
  • High level of mobility thanks to adjusted bellows design
  • Acoustic and mechanical decoupling
  • Low pressure loss thanks to flow optimization
  • Acoustically optimized through use of resonators
  • Simple assembly/disassembly thanks to quick connectors

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