Seabed mining

ContiTech Oil & Gas is at the Forefront of this Technology.

We develope flexible systems for the most challenging of environments: the exploitation of minerals on the seabed.

The ever-increasing demand for metals and more and more exotic minerals is leading to the depletion of land-based resources. However, technological advances in marine mining and processing are beginning to make the exploitation of previously untapped marine resources more viable.

Flexible hose lines from ContiTech Oil & Gas can be used to transfer even the most abrasive ores and slurries, either on the surface or at extreme water depths. Manganese nodules, for instance, are typically found at depths of 5000 – 6000 metres.

We have been supplying specially developed hoses for the offshore diamond mining industry in Southern Africa since its inception. ContiTech Oil & Gas is now drawing on a wealth of expertise gathered over more than 60 years in the marine and offshore oil & gas industries to develop systems tailored to different fields of marine mining. 
We are the supplier of all flexible hose lines also for Solwara 1, the first commercial project to exploit SMS (Seafloor Massive Sulphides) deposits in Papua New Guinea.

Other potential marine mineral resources include:
  • polymetallic manganese nodules
  • cobalt crusts
  • iron sands
  • phosphate
  • tin

Flexible Transfer Lines

Our flexible transfer systems are developed with ease of handling, installation and minimal maintenance in mind:

  • Using full size test apparatus designed in-house, we can determine the liner material with the optimum wear resistance for any given ore / slurry type
  • Individual hose sections can be rotated longitudinally and axially to maximise service life
  • sections can be replaced individually as required, depending on wear
  • different hose constructions can be deployed at different positions within the hose string to cater for specific loads and forces

Ancillary Equipment

ContiTech Oil & Gas is able to supply complete flexible transfer systems, even for the most challenging projects. We can work together with you to develop

  • special couplings
  • flotation elements to facilitate control of the hose string during subsea operation
  • handling tools
  • installation equipment

in order to make your operation as efficient and productive as possible.

Seabed ancillary equipment

  • Flexible Transfer Lines
    Flexible Transfer Lines

    Our flexible transfer systems are developed with ease of handling, installation and minimal maintenance.

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