LNG hoses

Hoses for Offshore LNG Transfer

ContiTech has put its proven engineering and manufacturing capabilities into developing truly flexible cryogenic hoses for offshore LNG transfer.
The large bore aerial hose has been developed to meet the EN1474-02 standard and can be used in a number of different cryogenic LNG transfer configurations, such as side by side transfer, tower transfer and in dynamic tandem configuration for transferring in more unforgiving sea conditions. 

The high tensile strength, high working pressure capability and flexibility throughout the working temperatures, allow this unique hose to transfer high product volumes whilst remaining lightweight.


LNG Hose Design

LNG transfer

The key characteristics of the ContiTech Oil & Gas LNG transfer hose are its unprecedented performance on tensile load and pressure capability, flexibility and bending endurance. In addition, the revolutionary end fitting designs overcome the limitations of many existing composite hoses. All these factors combine to allow easy and controlled offshore handling and reliable operations when needed most.

This has been achieved through an extensive programme of research, development and testing, and the unique application of new and innovative techniques, materials and components to existing and established composite hose technology.


Qualification & Testing

ContiTech Oil and Having received a Statement of Endorsement for the technology from DNV GL in August 2012, The Dunlop LNG Transfer Hose has undergone an extensive testing programme, incorporating EN1474-2 standards, which takes the hose to its design limits and beyond, both at cryogenic and ambient temperatures.

The base hose design has previously been Type Approved by Lloyd’s Register for offshore marine service.


Technical Design Data

Hose application LNG & LNG vapour marine transfer
Hose nominal size 16 inch
Hose internal diameter 400 mm
Single hose length 40 m
Hose outer diameter ~ 455 mm
Maximum working pressure (MWP) 20 bar
Qualification test pressure (5x MWP) 100 bar
Dynamic minimun bend radius (MBR) 1.5 m
Maximum working tension (MWT) 30 tonnes
Minimum breaking tension (%x MWT) 150 tonnes
Working temperature 196 °C to +40°C
Maximum LNG transfer rate 5,000m³/hr

  • LNG Hose Design
    LNG Hose Design

    The key characteristics of the LNG transfer hose are its unprecedented performance on tensile load and pressure capability, flexibility etc.

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