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Creating sustainable value – Acting responsibly

Our aim is to create sustainable value by acting in a way which complies with statutory and other binding requirements and is in  accordance with our social, economic and ecological responsibility.

Mindful business practices and actions are integral to our corporate strategy and a key characteristic of our value chain – because our ability to make a lasting contribution to the balance of interests between businesses, people and the environment is a matter very close to our hearts. We are driven by our desire to create value for the benefit of people everywhere – today and in the future. By building our company a firm and lasting foundation, we want to enable it to rise successfully to the challenges of the ahead – first and foremost in the interests of our customers.

Social Responsibility

We face up to our responsibility and maintain an open dialogue with all social groups. The focus is  on social,  environmental, energy-saving and thus sustainable actions. In this way we seek to underline our commitment to liberal social systems, to democracy and to human rights. With our core value “Freedom to Act”, we strengthen the socially responsible actions of our employees. Our health and safety programs serve the well-being of all our employees and we do all we can to provide them with suitable work places. When selecting our suppliers we ensure that they act in accordance with our principles of socially responsible behavior.

Economic Responsibility

Our four core values: “Trust”, “Passion to Win”, “Freedom to Act” and “For one another” form the basis of all our  actions. We thus encourage a sense of responsibility,  commitment, expertise and loyalty in our employees. They are the ones who ensure the long-term success of our company. We expect from our suppliers and other business partners not only reliability and  highquality performance, but also quality-oriented  thinking and acting. We respond to the wishes and requirements of our customers. We convince them with our quality and innovation. We define and evaluate relevant quality goals. We supply the best products and services.

Ecological Responsibility

The issues of environment are integrated into our business process. We limit potential dangers and risks to the environment along product life cycle and reduce any negative impact on the environment. We systematically identify, analyze and evaluate the consumption of energy, water, raw materials and supplies as well as other environmentally relevant key data. Based on the information derived from these key figures, we are able to improve our environment, including our energy related output. We select our suppliers on the basis of their commitment to environmental issues and we evaluate their performance and improvement constantly. The development of new products and processes is governed by environmental considerations. We always meet the demands of our customers.

ContiTech’s aim is to create sustainable value by acting in a way which complies with statutory and other binding requirements and is in accordance with the company’s social, economic and ecological responsibility.

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